Madaba is a combination of rural home life and a hot spot for religious tourism. Jordan Tour

Madaba is located 30 kilometers (19 miles) south-west of the capital Amman Jordan Tour

Known as the “City of MosaicsMadaba is the cultural epicenter for Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.and

Just a short distance from the capitol visitors are just a stone’s throw away from the holy monuments of religious iconography.

History of Madaba

Madaba dates from the Middle Bronze Age.

During its rule by the Roman and Byzantine empires from the 2nd to the 7th centuries,

the city formed part of the Provincia Arabia set up by the Roman Emperor Trajan to replace the Nabataean kingdom of Petra.

The first evidence for a Christian community in the city,

with its own bishop, is found in the Acts of the Council of Chalcedon in 451, where Constantine,

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bostra (the provincial capital) signed on behalf of Gaiano, “Bishop of the Medabeni.”.

During the rule of the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate, it was part of the southern

district of Jund Filastin within the Bilad al-Sham province.

Top things to do in Madaba

1.St George’s Church & Mosaic Map

This rather modest 19th-century Greek Orthodox church houses a treasure of early Christianity.

Imagine the excitement in 1884 when Christian builders came across the remnants of

a Byzantine church on their construction site. Among the rubble, having survived wilful destruction, fire, and neglect,

the flooring they discovered wasn’t just another mosaic but one with extraordinary significance: to this day,

it represents the oldest map of Palestine in existence and provides many historical insights into the region.