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Floating in the Dead Sea is not only one of the funniest things to do when visiting the Dead Sea Jordan, but it comes also with several benefits for your health.

When floating in the Dead Sea, a lot of blood will be moved to your abdomen area which will put some light pressure on your kidneys. This will urge you to evacuate your toxins.


A mud bath is the next step of your Dead Sea spa treatment. It means that you’ll get all covered up in mud and have to wait for at least 15 minutes.

during these 15 minutes, a lot is going on on your skin! Not only are skin impurities being reduced, but the mud will also soothe back pain and give relief for arthritis. Also, acne can be treated with Dead Sea mud.






















the sunsets at Dead Sea Jordan so colorful and bright. Is there any influence of the salty sea on the sky or any other causality that I don’t know about?

Whatever may be the reason for the incredibly saturated colors of the sunsets at the Dead Sea, I will remember them forever as being some of the prettiest I have seen so far!










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1. Dead Sea Ticket : Entrance + Lunch  30 JOD