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85 Responses

  1. Jeff Holzman says:

    Omran Brkawi, owner is an absolute and total professional.  After 76 countries visited and over 3.5 million miles of travel, he is one of the most reliable and professional people tour operators.  

    Omran provided private driver and activities for 4 days.  Covered Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and all important sites in between.    All expertly done.  Driver, Aladdin was 6 stars out of 5.  Beyond perfect.    Bent over backwards to help and service.   
    I strongly recommend. 

  2. Bronwyn Asquith says:

    Bronwyn, Julie and Jim said

    Great company to travel with in Jordan.
    They company is reliable, the drivers are careful and the cars are clean. We traveled from one end of Jordan to the other. The driver always showed up on time and worked very hard to make sure my 87 year old father was well taken care of. Highly recommended. Our visit was in September 2019.

  3. Giriraj subramanium says:

    Hi i was travelling to Jordan with my wife for the first time. I read about Omran Barkawi on Facebook. I reached out to him. I recommend him highly. His team is very friendly and he is very helpful. His pricing is very reasonable. His cars are very good. I found him safe and dependable and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to tour jordan

  4. Omran and his team were wonderful. They helped us shape the itinerary to Jordan and also provided inputs. We had a great time in Jordan because of them. Drivers are so lovely – always kept the conversation going and made sure to offer us the wonderful Turkish Coffee 🙂

  5. Since I can remember visit Jordan and see all its glory was my biggest dream. I was extremely lucky to find Omran Brkawi and his Jordan Day Tour & More. Omran helped in advance of travel with itinerary and it was only getting better from there . He and his team is extremely trustworthy and reliable. Our service was always on time. For 10 days Omran (who is very responsive and easy to deal with)and one of his drivers; AllaAldeen have taken amazing care of us, and went above and beyond to make this trip a memorable one.
    AllaAldeen was accompanying us for 10 days from airport pick up, Amman, through Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Room and Aqaba. On top of being really professional, friendly and knowledgable, he is a real pleasant company with his sense of humour and patience (given he did survive this trip with 3 crazy ladies 🙂 it was a real adventure and Omran made it a very special one. We can highly recommend his service and we believe company name should be Jordan Day Tour & Much, Much More. On our return to Jordan we cannot imagine use anybody else’s services.

  6. I can highly recommend Omran and his company; “Jordan Day Tour & More” He has taken care of me and two of my friends for our whole trip; 10 days, taking us through Jordan.
    Service was super professional, always on time and our driver AlaaAldeen was a really pleasant travel companion.
    Omran has made this trip a really memorable one. I can highly recommend Omran and his company to everyone who needs drivers, guides and help in Jordan.
    We will be definitely calling Omran again on our return to Jordan.

  7. My wife, our friend and I booked Omran’s car service and we were incredibly pleased by his service. He was incredibly responsive and clear as to the costs, timings and itinerary while we were planning the trip. We promptly departed on time every day, and the whole process was seamless with no issues. Omran gave additional suggestions on places to stop on our journey to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Omran gave us the option to pay at the beginning or end of the journey, which made us feel very comfortable, especially being in a foreign country. I would highly recommend Omran to anyone who asks!

  8. Jessica Giles says:

    My friends and I booked drivers with Omran this September for our trip to Jordan and had a wonderful experience. Omran was incredibly responsive at all times from early planning and throughout the trip and his drivers were all very professional and friendly. While we made most of the itinerary ourselves, Omran was helpful at suggesting additional sights and activities so we could get the most out of our trip to Jordan. Payment was agreed ahead of time so we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. We would definitely recommend!

  9. Bill Larson says:

    After reading reviews on-line we decided to go with Jordan Day Tours for our excursions. After emailing back and forth with them we decided on three tours. The company is very flexible and we modified two of the three tours to fit more closely with our interests. Our driver for the three tours was Ahmad Musa. He is a very good driver and went out of his way to make sure we had a good time, including taking detours through Amman to show us interesting neighborhoods on our way back to the hotel.

    Our first tour was north to Jaresh, Ajloun castle and Um Qais. The extra time spent going to Um Qais was well worth it. We next went to Petra which which was fascinationg and the last tour was to Madaba, Mt. Nebo and desert castles in the east.

    We were very happy with these tours, and are very glad we took them.

  10. Omran’s service began the moment I reached out to him with questions about booking with him. He responds very quickly, helped us create the perfect itinerary (we travelled the entire country), and made us feel very safe and welcome. We spent 10 days with Omran’s team traveling through Jordan. It was the best travel decision I think I’ve ever made. Despite multiple delays in getting to Jordan and lost luggage upon arriving, we were greeted at the airport with the warm and welcoming smile of one of Omran’s drivers who took such thoughtful and wonderful care of us. The cars are pristine and the drivers always on time. But beyond these undoubtably important things, we also feel as if we left behind new fiends. Our driver was funny, personable, and informative, and spoke excellent English. We asked so many questions and he was so willing to share his knowledge of his country and culture with us. He also looked out for us – often informing us what to expect to pay for things (so we weren’t over charged), rearranging schedules to better meet our needs, suggesting excellent restaurants, making sure we had enough Turkish coffee (yum!) and going above and beyond our expectations at every turn. Omran called us every day to make sure we had no unmet needs and to verify our itinerary the next day.

    Can you drive yourself around Jordan? I suppose you can (although driving in Amman is kind of terrifying as the rules of the road are vague, at best), but why would you when you can have this luxury at a super affordable price and not have to worry about anything but enjoying your time in this warm and welcoming country.

  11. Being retired, my wife and I visited Jordan for 16 days, longer than most, and had the great fortune to cover most of the country, some of it off the beaten tourist track. We soon realised that the warm “welcome” offered so frequently really is unconditional, in stark contrast to some of Jordan’s immediate neighbours where a self-interested motive quickly becomes apparent. One feels enveloped by the warmth of Jordanian hospitality, a sense that is unlikely ever to be forgotten.
    For a relatively small country there is a wide range of attractive scenery, with deserts, mountains and canyons alongside tranquil areas of greenery and spring flowers. The outlook was rarely the same for very long, which made for absorbing travelling. Every day we felt we had made the right decision to use the private car services of Omran and his reliable and trustworthy team of drivers rather than driving a hire car ourselves, so avoiding both the stress of city driving and the uncertainty over directions in some country areas.
    Everywhere we met Jordanians whose families had emigrated from less peaceful neighbouring countries, and had brought their traditions – especially food – with them. Basic diet feels so healthy, tasty meat, yes, but with fresh salads and a range of sauces reflecting the regional variations. Eating where the locals eat was a fascinating pleasure throughout, and the occasional lack of a shared language was easily overcome with smiles all round. It quickly became clear that we were paying exactly the same prices for food as the locals, and that they would never consider doing otherwise.
    Differential pricing does apply to locals and foreigners when visiting historic sites and places of interest, but we were quite content with the general level of rates. Prices at the major attractions of Petra, the Bethany baptism site and the Dead Sea threatened to pull us out of our comfort zone, but only temporarily – all are experiences not to be missed, the cost of which is quickly forgotten.
    Historical ruins are found all over the country, several of which are not on the standard tourist itinerary but are well worth stopping for, and which offer the opportunity for quiet reflection without the crowds. Solitude in beautiful surroundings is not hard to find here.
    We were pleased that we arranged one night in each of two desert camps inside Wadi Rum, one in the south and one in the north. This provided a chance for the lovely walk between them through Barrah Canyon, one camp dropping us at one end and the other collecting us on exit. An essential factor in this was Omran’s willing offer to take custody of our heavier bags while we were in the desert, and also while we spent a day and night in the splendid Feynan Ecolodge, set in isolation at the foot of Wadi Dana.
    If this all sounds too good to be true, we found that the positives far outweighed the few negatives, and that the “glass half full” approach quickly suppressed any inclination to make an issue of anything in a hotel or restaurant that “should” be more like other countries – because those other countries do not, and never will, offer friendliness, honesty and warmth the way Jordan does.
    (I say more about Omran’s services in my 5* review on Trip Advisor)

  12. My family had the best trip to Jordan because Omran and his team took care of all of our travel needs. We learned all about the history of the sites we saw, as well as, valuable information about Jordan’s rich cultural traditions. Our driver knew exactly where to take us for the best food, shopping, and experiences that allowed us to experience the local way of life instead of being caught in the tourist traps.
    I would highly recommend everyone to use Omran and his team- our experience was the best decision we made.

  13. Maddie Brindle says:

    My family had such an amazing time with Omran and his team during our week in Jordan! They were so warm and welcoming, and SO knowledgeable on the history of each place we passed and visited, which made us feel like we were actually learning instead of just touring. We were very well taken care of by our driver and considered him a friend by the end of the trip. Thanks!

  14. Peihao Qi says:

    Our customized one trip with Omran was fantastic. We enjoyed our trip very much. Omran made several phone calls to check if we are okay. We are very grateful our trip went to smooth. We definitely will hire Omran for our next trip to Jordan.

  15. “Good and Reliable Service of Omran”

    I found out good review about Omran from many travelers, so I hired his service for my trip in Jordan in last October 14, overall I am very satisfied with his service. If anyone wish to hire a driver service, I would highly recommend his service because he is a reliable driver and very knowledgeable as I noticed. I would like to thank Omran for his good service and make our trip memorable one. Jordan is a wonderful country to visit and I really enjoyed this trip with my family.

    Visited Jan 2017

  16. Christoph Vaucher says:

    Best Driver Service Ever !

    I have just returned from a 10-days trip through Jordan and can only highly recommend Omran and his team of drivers. They were very dedicated, punctual, friendly and gave me precious advice in order to better plan my trip. This high quality of services and reasonableness of prices is very rare in the Middle East, to which I have already travelled a lot. – Shokran Omran!

  17. Hudson Lee says:

    I recently travelled to Jordan for 9 days for a school trip. Omran (and our driver Sa’ad) were well organized, hospitable, and very friendly. At Omran’s house during Ramadan, he showed us the traditions of breaking fast as well as the customs of the Jordanian people. We managed to visit all major sites in Jordan and had a great time doing so. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this tour company. Thank you Jordan, thank you Omran, we love Jordan!

  18. Zack Tabor says:

    I chaperoned a school trip to Jordan that lasted 9 days, including travel, and decided that I needed a driver for the duration of the trip, in order to allow us to visit sites without needing to constantly go back and forth to our hotels. I found Omran Barqawi on TripAdvisor, and his stellar reputation is extremely well earned. Not only did his advice and recommendations allow us to make the absolute best of our trip, his flexibility, professionalism and constant communication with both myself and our driver Sa`ad meant that we could easily adjust our meal plans, itineraries according to circumstance.

    In just 8 days, we saw the Jordan Museum, the Roman theater, the Citadel, Downtown and the King Abdullah Mosque in Amman, Ajloun and Jerash, St. George’s Church in Madaba, the Baptismal Site in Bethany, Mt. Nebo, the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib, Petra, Little Petra, a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, snorkeling in Aqaba, a glass-bottom boat tour in Aqaba (courtesy of Omran).

    On top of all this, our visit was during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast during daytime hours, making it extremely difficult for non-fasting tourists to find food during the day. Omran and Sa`ad’s impressive network of contacts all across Jordan helped us to find food without difficulty and often at a discounted rate from the normal expensive tourism rates.

    We had a late minute adjustment to our itinerary due to an invitation to visit a local Jordanian school, and Omran made all the necessary changes in order to accommodate our needs, and we were still able to visit all the sites of the lengthy list I previously noted. We also were able to save about 400 JD in visa costs because his team is a licensed tourism guide group which can sponsor groups for free entry and exit to and from the country. Finally, Omran invited the whole group of students over to his house in order to teach them about the culture and traditions of breaking fast and the significance of Ramadan for Muslims, and especially the importance of generosity during this time.

    I cannot recommend a better service for a brief tourism trip to Jordan. You are in good hands with Omran and his team.

  19. Vaidehi Chavhan says:

    Two of us ladies, recently returned from Jordan from a five day trip. Our guide, Omran, was simply the best. He was able to plan each day at a well organized pace without skipping on any details. We found him to be knowledgable and very helpful for other travel related needs including hotels, travel tips, exchanges, food , entry fees etc.His passion of Jordan left us wanting to learn more about this country’s rich culture and traditions. Despite the short notice he planned the trip in such a way that we were able to see and experience all the important locations. We found him and his team very punctual starting from the pickup a the airport till the drop off. Even though Ramadan started in the middle of our trip Omran ensured that our itinerary was not affected in any way. His involvement and communications at regular intervals made us feel safe and taken care of. We found in him a trustworthy friend who truely made the travel experience unforgettable. We would highly recommend you to get in touch with Omran if you are planning a trip to Jordan.

  20. Robyn Summerhayes says:

    I recently traveled to Jordan with 3 friends and booked with Omran online after reading his many reviews.
    Unfortunately we did not get to meet Omran,but his attention to details for us were fantastic. From airport pick up to delivering us to airport for our return flight our trip was amazing.
    We took his advice on places to see and were not disappointed,every suggestion was fantastic the help given from finding best place to change money to one of the many highlights of the trip(Our camp at Wadi Rum) we were extremely well looked after,even to great photo opportunities at some of the sights.
    At all times were we able to contact Omran and he sorted things very quickly. (My sisters luggage did not arrive with her from Australia and he wasted no time in sorting this(it arrived that night).
    If you are planning a trip to Jordan do not hesitate to contact Omran,I highly reccommend him for his honesty and integrity,I am only sorry that due to personal matters on his part we were unable to meet him.

  21. I Travelled alone in Jordan for 6 days and I can’t say enough about the professional service provided by Omran and his team of drivers. His service allowed me to travel and see so much in a sort time. Everyday they were on time for pick up, always felt safe and they were always willing to help. Omran offered great advise about the different areas to travel to and he arranged a day trip over the boarder to Israel.
    He kept in touch to see that everything was okay and even altered plans to suit my wishes.
    Over all, an excellent stress free service that I recommend to anyone who would like to see the best of Jordan.

  22. Omran arranged the transport for our two week visit to Jordan. He provided an incredibly hands on and professional service. From the moment, I contacted him he was a huge resource in planning the trip and always willing to offer an unvarnished opinion on all things Jordan. Once we were on the ground, everything ran without a hiccup, the drivers were always punctual and accommodating.

    A particular highlight were the days when Omran himself was our driver. You will have rarely met a man who is so full of life and anecdotes. For anyone nervous about travelling to the Middle East, a day in his company should put you instantly at ease.

    As Omran makes clear from the beginning, this is a transport service rather than a tour guide. Provided you understand this, Omran provides a wonderful, flexible and stress free way to explore Jordan. Would strongly recommen

  23. If you looking for someone who will drive you around Jordan and is reliable, punctual, professional and someone who is funny and willing to show you “more“ of his country and on top of that , someone who loves life the most, you are on the right website.
    We were planning our trip for a while. I contacted a few drivers but Omran, respond very promptly and politely. From beginning to end, everything was clear. We had a plan of what we would like to see during our week in Jordan. However Omran tailored the trip for our needs and provided a fantastic experience which we didn’t expect!!!
    A few days before our trip to Jordan our flight was cancelled, we had managed to change the flight however I was a bit nervous about the last minute changes. We have been living long enough in the Middle East and know that last minute changes always seem to cause lots of problems. However Omran assured me that everything is under control and from the first to the last day he and his team were on time and always willing to help.
    We visited Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Jerash and many places on the way. We really enjoyed the scenery, food, culture and fantastic company of our friend Omran, who really looked after us. We ate in places where locals dine, drank the best coffee and enjoyed every moment of the long drive .
    On the way from Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea Omran invited us to Aqaba (we did not plan to go there)- it was a great day! He took us to the local fish market and organised lunch on a boat. We had lots of fun and appreciated the local hospitality and the passion of the Jordanians for their beautiful country. Thank you Omran- we enjoyed every moment of the special trip!
    Our trip in Jordan was fantastic and I don’t think there are enough words to describe the beauty of the place. We met a true friend in Omran and would highly recommend his company to anyone. I wish I could give the 10 stars!!!

  24. We are so happy to have booked Omran for our trip in Jordan. We had scheduled a busy week in Jordan and needed someone who was going to get us around without us worrying on how to do it. So glad I came across Omran. I researched him online and loved that he was on Tripadvisor and Facebook. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t booking someone who was phony. But to my surprise, Omran was more than just a driver company. His knowledge of Jordan and the insights he has on hotels is something I wished I would have taken advantage of.

    In Jordan, Omran is a well respected man and everybody knows him. His team of drivers were also great. We really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them. You know he is a good boss when his drivers rave on what a good man he is, and how honest and straight he is. His team picked us up from all the different locations we were at. And Omran was in constant contact with them, and with us, making sure we were satisfied.

    Omran went above and beyond his duty of being our driver company. He really makes sure you are having the best time and leave Jordan happy. But leaving Jordan was bittersweet, because we had taken a liking to Omran, and it was like we were leaving a friend. He is a really pleasant person to be around, and makes you feel at home. Thank you Omran for the wonderful memories!

  25. I thought I was booking a car and driver for our north to south and back trip to Jordan. How wrong was I on that?! We did indeed have a driver, in fact we had a team of drivers, and good cars (hybrid at that) but importantly we had the “More” that is in the title on the website. So what is this “More”?

    The “More” is a feeling of security and friendship and hospitality we received. It is the kindness shown by Omran. It is the 24/7 attention to our needs, even on days we did not have the service, we knew we always had backup. It is the sheer experience and knowledge Omran has from working with many tourists and their ability to bring the real Jordan alive to us. It is the honesty and transparency of all transactions. We knew exactly what we were buying and how much. It is Omran’s integrity in the execution of his business. It is the additional experiences we had every day, a special off track road here, a variation in the itinerary to suit us there and infinite patience in stopping for our photographs. It was the kind gift we received and it was the feeling that Omran and his team really liked being with us, we didn’t feel like we were “just another job.” And most of all this “more” is his passion for Jordan which was so very clear to us from the outset. Next trip was to have been to Israel but now we are going to do Israel via Jordan so we can use Omran’s services again, any excuse eh!? What a trip, what a man, what a phenomenal team!

  26. David Baratta says:

    We recently returned from a 5 day tour around Jordan and felt the need to give credit where credit is due. Omran made our trip as smooth and effortless as could be. He stayed in close coordination with us to ensure our needs and desires were tended to. From the beauty of Petra, the rugged wilds of Wadi rum to the shores of Aqaba and the Dead Sea, we traveled in comfort and safety. Omran’s command of English as well as his wit and rye sense of humor kept us entertained as we traveled across Jordan. He has an excellent understanding of how to give world class customer service and I highly recommend anybody considering traveling to Jordan to contact him. We left seeing more than we had planned, and making a new friend along the way.

  27. We had an excellent experience with the tour. We received email back straight away which was followed by the questions regarding the trip and our expectations . Once initnerary was agreed we travelled easily between places we want to see. All drivers were great, spoke good English

  28. Thanks Omran for a wonderful wonderful time in Jordan. He’s a gem of a person and a great friend. He helped me through planning not only the itenerary but gave helpful hints throughout the trip. Constantly in touch over the phone, made sure we were picked up and dropped in time. Has a cracking sence of humour and accommodated several changes in itenerary aleays with an “as you wish!!” Special thanks for the delicious meal on the last day and taking the trouble to get us to the airport and arranging for a really really really late check out for our early morning flight. Masallama and mashkoor ya Omran

  29. Anonymous says:

    Professional and courteous service. We found the driver to be knowledgeable, punctual and helpful throughout our travels.

  30. Ghalib Lone says:

    One month ago, I embarked on what would turn out to be a trip of a lifetime. I went to Jordan, and my trip with my two close friends would turn out to be amazing for one simple reason – Omran. We read the trip advisor reviews having seen them to be positive. They simply do no justice to the man. He was personable, hospitable and the most enjoyable company to have as a driver. It’s one thing visiting an amazing country such as Jordan, but the experience is altogether different when you have a driver who can show you the country in a way you perhaps never would get the chance to, without the know-how and knowledge of a person like Omran. He was able to recommend to us each step of the way the best places to go, and because he is clearly held in high regard by so many of the locals, he was able to get us much cheaper prices for otherwise expensive activities. What I liked most about Omran, was his honesty. I look forward to now going back to Jordan with my family, but only when Omran is available! Thanks for everything Omran.

  31. Nadeem Khan says:

    Thank you Omran for looking after me and the family. We had a wonderful time in Jordan and it was made all the more pleasant with your assistance on the logistics (timely, efficient) and recommendations on places to see and where to eat. Our boys also enjoyed being in a car, for a change, but maybe that was to do with the drinks and ice creams that you bought for them! Thanks once again. You come highly recommended. Regards, Nadeem, Samina, Uzayr and Ibraheem (London, UK – August 2016.

  32. Paul T Tran says:

    I was in Dubai for work and had three days to spare, so wanted to spend it in Jordan since I heard so many amazing things about it. I did some research and found Omran to be aligned with my schedule, willing to put together an itinerary that allowed me to take in as much of the beautiful country as possible, and be cost-effective as well.

    Not to mention – I booked this trip one day before, and Omran helped me as if we had months and months ahead to plan! It was unfortunate that he was busy and I couldn’t have the pleasure of meeting with him – but he got me connected with one of his great staff members and he was super communicative throughout the entire trip.

    I landed at Jordan Airport and Omran’s driver had a clear sign with my name on it, and he was super friendly – he helped me with my bags, allowed me to stop by the Zain kiosk to rent a SIM card for phone and data, and kept me on schedule.

    In one day I was able to enjoy the sights of St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Mount Nebo, Jesus’ baptism site, the Mujib Nature Preserve, AND the gorgeous Petra at night.

    The second day I was able to check out Petra before my work in Dubai cut my time short. It sucks that I wasn’t able to stay in a tent at Wadi Rum – but Omran was very accommodating and flexible, and was able to get me a ride back to the airport to make my flight home…but not before making sure I got to float in the Dead Sea!

    Omran and his team were beyond amazing. Very flexible, communicative, kind, and gets hospitality. I’ll be back to finish my trip to Wadi Rum, will tell all my friends and family to use his service for Jordan, and I highly recommend you work with him too!

  33. “very responsive & thorough”

    Omran is the ideal driver and manager (of his team of drivers)! In searching for a driver in Jordan last March, Omran’s solid track record at certainly got my attention. I requested price bids from Omran and another driver. Both responded quickly and with similar prices.

    Omran’s response, however, included impressive feedback in a simple spreadsheet style that I very much liked. It confirmed that he had read and analyzed my itinerary ideas….and that our communication was successful.

    Additionally, he pointed out that one of my planned activities needed ~3 hours instead of the ~1 hour I’d estimated. I checked reviews of the activity and found it to be true. I really appreciated learning this in advance because it gave me the option to change my priorities (thus avoiding a last-minute discovery that my plans wouldn’t work out).

    Various legs of our 3-day itinerary included two drivers from Omran’s team plus Omran himself. Our experiences easily exceeded all of the must haves: good English, nice car, great knowledge of the locations on our itinerary, and an excellent network of contacts. Omran was very easy to talk with and had numerous interesting and funny stories that added value to our long drives through interesting rural Jordan. His attention to our comfort was much appreciated, making sure that we had access to water, food, and toilet stops as we needed.

    Right away we realized that Omran and his team drivers were both reliable and professional as they arrived each morning even earlier than promised. On many occasions, they drove out of their way to assure that we got the vista, perspective, and photo that we desired.

    In everything he did, Omran’s Jordanian pride and hospitality were showcased for us. He continually expressed his gratitude for our visit and really reveled in in showing his country to us. We highly recomend Omran to our friends, acquaintances, and anyone wanting to visit Jordan.

  34. Steve Andrews says:

    If you read no further than this sentence, let me say simply that booking Omran to drive you on a tour of Jordan will be one of the very best travel decisions you will ever make.

    Having read some stellar reviews on Tripadvisor, I booked Omran to drive me around Jordan for 4 days. I had a loose idea of starting in Amman, circling through the Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and back to the airport, which is essentially what I did, but Omran turned this into a sequence of unforgettable experiences I could never have anticipated.

    From the moment he picked me up at some too-early time in the morning, I felt at ease. He took me to breakfast in Amman, ordered an amazing spread of classic Jordanian food and then refused to let me pay! He also insisted on buying my first coffee not long after.

    Omran is one of those rare people who genuinely cares for others, is immensely proud of his country and wants to ensure all visitors have the best possible time they can while in his care. He is very experienced with what people enjoy, and suggested (politely but firmly!) how I might improve my itinerary. Some of the places he drove me to are the best things I’ve seen and done anywhere in the world – and I didn’t even know about them! He is a thoughtful, deep thinker, and his conversation and explanation of sights along the way were very welcome.

    Omran elevated my experience in Jordan from what would have been a good trip, to being one of the best weeks I’ve spent anywhere. I couldn’t possibly have had such a great time without his influence and guidance. If you’ve found this review and are considering booking him for your trip, please, take my word for it, you will have a much better time with him than you could without him. Just book!

  35. Shiraz Sethi says:

    We planned a very last minute weekend trip to Jordan with the boys and looked to Trip Advisor for some guidance as to a tour guide … and boy did we find a tour guide. His name is Omran and I can describe him to you in 3 words … Honest … Trustworthy … Legend. Omran himself made our visit to Jordan an experience of a lifetime – without him, I can safely say it would have been just an experience. From the moment that he picked us up from the airport, Omran was there to offer sound advice on all aspects of our trip (from purchasing a local sim card to suggesting places to eat). He was also on hand to suggest things to do and how best to do them in order to maximise the little time we had over the weekend.

    Omran advised us where to eat (and what not to eat) and negotiated deals on our behalf which saved us a small fortune. In the two days we were there, Omran took us from Amman to the Dead Sea and then from the Dead Sea to Petra and then from Petra to Aqabah and back to Amman in time for our flights back. That must have been about 14 hours of driving in total but he did it with a smile on his face and became a part of our group.

    He took us to some of the most amazing places – places we would only have dreamt of had we gone on an exploration of our own. He took time to explain things to us and was very knowledgeable about Islamic history. He is a tremendous swimmer and took time in teaching us how to snorkel – he even brought his own equipment in order that we did not have to fork out the ridiculous prices for hiring such equipment.

    All in all I can say that we had an amazing trip and I will definitely be going again and utilising the services of Omran in the future. I would highly recommend Omran’s services if you want to see Jordan properly.

  36. Waqas Ahmed says:

    We spent the weekend in Jordan and visited the Dead Sea, Petra and Aqaba. Omran was with us on our trip taking us from one destination to another. His English is brilliant and he was a very patient and humble person and also arranged things for us such as restaurants, snorkeling etc. He has vast knowledge of Jordan and our break would not have been the same without him. He treated us like we were family.Definitley recommend him to everyone.

  37. I loved Jordan! Omran and his staff were wonderful. Omran is very organized and his staff are always on time, extremely pleasant and reliable, and offer assistance whenever necessary. Omran himself will give you solid good advice on what to spend your money on (and what not to waste your money on). It’s very easy to get in touch with him, he answers any and all questions, and he is completely flexible if you decide to change your itinerary. Excellent visit and cannot wait to visit again!

  38. My wife found some raving reviews of Omran online and got into contact with him. He was very easy to talk with. We emailed and texted as he helped us design our perfect experience in Jordan. He even emailed us an itenary. He made suggestions that were spot on. He and his other drivers were kind, friendly and extremely helpful. We crossed over to Israel during our time and he was knowledgable and again gave us some great suggestions. His genuine kindness was endearing. He had us check in and wanted to make sure we were safe in every part of our trip.

  39. Great time in Jordan! Omran is a knowledgeable, kind and friendly driver – we had heard recommendations, so booked him! As a group of 5, the vehicle was comfortable and we managed to see all of the sights we were interested in with Omran’s help!

  40. Anonymous says:

    A last minute transit at Amman & Omar and his team was a God sent!! With only 4 hours we managed to explore Manaba, Mount Neo and the Dead Sea. We started the day in Jordan with a good local breakfast!! In between the trip, Omar called a few times to make sure we were happy. Thanks Omar and Murad!!

  41. Omran was great to work with in planning the trip on Jordan. Omran is quick to respond and helpful in planning your trip. I had some ideas of what to do and he helped us out together a logical schedule. Omran made sure our stay was comfortable and is open for feedback from his guests. I travelled with my sister in law and we are glad to have checked this off our bucket list with Omran

  42. We found Mr. Omran online and with so many great reviews we decided to text him in order to organise our trip to Jordan. We had some ideas where to go and what we want to see, he had some and the plan was done in e-mail or 2. Mr. Omran is very quick and efficient in his communication with his clients, still very friendly and flexible. All our trips were on time, very easy going, well organized, in friendly atmosphere and always under Omran’s supervision. Last day Mr. Omran took us to the airport and we must say that our impression of him being kind, friendly and professional was completely correct! If you are visiting Jordan, Mr. Omran is the right person for your fun and stress-free vacation!

  43. Cherie Bond says:

    Pictures from our trip!

  44. Cherie Bond says:

    My daughter is studying in Amman this semester. She had used Omran’s services two years ago when she studied also so when I began to plan my trip to visit her, my first e-mail was to Omran. I knew we wanted to see Petra and Wadi Rum but had no idea of what all we would experience on the road to and from. I told him in my message that I would like to “see things” and left the rest up to him. He suggested a camp in Wadi Rum, which turned out to be the highlight of our trip. From the camel ride at sunset to the Jeep tour at sunrise, everything was perfect! One our way back from Petra, he took the scenic route, even racing down a dirt road so that we could catch the sunset just as it dropped over a mountain.

    I arranged for Omran to pick us up at the Jordanian border following our visit to Tel Aviv. When I realized four hours after the arranged meeting time that our driver had taken us to the wrong border, Omran then offered to drive the 1.5 hours to come pick us up from the northern crossing.

    Omran’s prompt service and attention to details is amazing! He made sure we got the most out of our trip, including little gifts of Jordanian food and local experiences along the way. We stopped for tea in a quaint little tent at the dam on our way to Wadi Rum and my girls loved that experience. I do not think there is anything about Jordan that Omran does not know!

    When we visit Jordan again, Omran will be the first person I will contact. Thank you for making our visit so fun and wonderful, Omran!

  45. Bernadette Farrell says:

    “3 Day Trip to Jordan”
    Private Driver in Jordan .

    We planned a 3 day trip to Jordan and were trying to decide to rent a car or book a driver. As we had limited time and there was a lot we wanted to see we decided to book Omar. The GPS and phone signals are not reliable and we didn’t want to spend hours finding out where we were. We had 3 drivers in three days and it worked out great. Changing times or itinerary at short notice was no problem. We were picked up on time and where we asked. This made a very stress free holiday! Omar’s tips were invaluable and saved money and time. He comes highly recommended in my book!

    Visited May 2016

  46. would say having Omran’s team as our drivers for our 11 day trip to Jordan is definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We saw Omran’s page on Trip Advisor, and we were impressed by the ratings. When we reached out to him, we was very fast in responding, and we were able to confirm the itineraries and fees with him within a few days.

    Having Omran’s team to help us with transport between cities definitely saved us lots of time with good value. Each time someone in his team would come and pick us up at the confirmed time, followed by Omran’s phone call to check everything is okay. We have changed our minds quite a bit and had to make changes, and Omran has been really responsive and flexible in helping us rearrange our itineraries within short notice. All the drivers have been very helpful and friendly as well.

    On the last day, Omran met us himself, and drove us from Aqaba to Amman. He is very knowledgeable about tourism in Jordan, and made a lot of suggestions that were missed out from many guide books and websites. We organised our itineraries and accommodations largely on our own, but after meeting Omran we really hoped we had adopted some of his advices earlier, because he knows all the related things so well. Omran also very openly shares with us his life experiences and opinions, which made our conversations really enjoyable.

    I really appreciate all the work Omran puts in to accommodate his customers and improve his business, and I will definitely recommend his team to all my friends who are leaning towards a trip to Jordan. I am also looking forward to meeting him again if I have the change to travel to Jordan for another time. Thank you Omran!

  47. My girlfriend and I had 3 days off and we were thinking about a place to go for holidays. We had different options and finally decided to go to Jordan but we were afraid that 3 days was not enough to see the main attractions in Jordan like the Baptism Site, Dead Sea, Petra and my girlfriend was dying to swim in the sea.

    We were planning our tour, checking necessary information about places and we got to the conclusion that we need to hire a driver so we can save time.
    I found different drivers on the internet and I started writing them sending them my itinerary with the places we’d like to visit and asking for prices. I received many answers like: “Don’t go to that place because it is not interesting”, “Skip that place because there is nothing to do there”, “No, you will not make all those places for that time” and then Omran replied me with a positive answer saying that we can make all the places we were interested in and with a reasonable price. We were happy because of that and decided to hire services right away.

    Omran told us a lot of interesting and funny stories and also told us about Jordan’s history, they way they live, what do they eat, etc.

    Once we arrived to Amman, Omran was waiting for us in the airport and he was so kind with us all the time, he was always taking care of us, offering us tea, water, soda or snacks or asking if we were hungry to go to eat somewhere.

    We had a great time in Jordan thanks to him, he was always in time, he gave me the equipment to snorkel because I didn’t have it and it was expensive to rent it in the place we were, he showed us additional beautiful places that were not included in our itinerary.

    In Aqaba, he took us to a place where we could select and buy fresh fish and cook it right away for a really low price, it was a nice experience. After this meal he offered us a gift/surprise we weren’t expecting for this at all, he took us for a ride on a boat to the middle of the sea to sea the sunset from there, the moment was unique and magic.

    If anyone is going to Jordan, I really recommend the service of Omran and his team. You will not regret it at all and you will see Jordan from another point of view.
    With Omran and his team you will see more of Jordan, more than a regular tourist is used to see, you will make your trip unforgettable and you just will want not to leave from there. Thank you Omran for everything!!

  48. “Great Tour for a Great Place”

    We were very lucky to have Orman and his team for 2 days .He took us to Petra from the Dead sea and showed us some great sites along the way. Gave us water, food and lots of interesting facts about the amazing Jordan .He also has a great sense of humour. He then had one of his lovely drivers take us around the baptism site as he was busy the next day .We really enjoyed both days and really can’t recommend him and his team enough.

  49. “The best 5 hours in Amman thanks to Omran!”

    Beside all the great things you have read about Omran, there is an extra one that made our short trip to Amman unforgettable. He loves kids!!! Who said you can not fully enjoy a visit to the Amman City, the Citadel and Roman Theatre with two kids ages 2 and 3? That could have been the perfect formula for a disaster, instead Omran took care of us, completely. Pick up and drop off at the airport on time. He drove us to the Citadel and whilst we were visiting the ruins Omran was playing with our kids (who are still asking for him!). Then he took us to the fantastic Roman Theatre, whilst the kids enjoyed an ice cream with him. We drove thru the city and he explained the main attractions/culture/way of life, and then, knowing that the kids at some point were not going to resist anymore the tour, he had the great idea to drive us to the Children’s Museum; that was the cherry on the top for the kids! He offered us the entries and he played with our kids! What a wonderful experience for all of us.
    Then, with no time for lunch because -we needed to head back to the airport- he stopped in one of the best Shawarma places in town. He jumped quickly out of the car and came back with two shawarma combos for my husband and I. We now live in the middle east and we have tried lots of shawarma. Believe me, this one was the best I’ve ever had!
    We will plan more than a 5 hours trip to Jordania and there is no doubt we will leave all the schedule (and restaurants selection) to Omran. Thanks Omran for making our trip so especial!

  50. We are just back from an amazing 5 day trip to Jordan. We booked our tour with Omran and from the initial emails, the spontaneous stops, right until the end of our trip he has been extremely helpful and a fantastic person to meet. My friend and I knew sights we would like to visit during our stay and Omran helped us to make an itinerary, even including some extra stops that we wouldn’t have thought were possible to fit into our already packed itinerary. We enjoyed the sights along The Kings Highway, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba and The Dead Sea, always with a knowledgable guide and a comfortable, spacious car. Omran and his team were always so kind and thoughtful, even ensuring we had enough water and snacks along the way! Definitely book your tour through Omran! You will not be disappointed! Thanks so much Omran for making our stay in Jordan a brilliant one! Love Emily and Claire

  51. Kara Fitzgerald says:

    I am so glad that I planned my father’s visit to Jordan through Omran. I wanted to accomplish so much in very little time, and Omran made sure that everything ran smoothly every step of the way. We went from Amman to the Dead Sea to Petra to Wadi Rum to Aqaba and back to Amman. Then, Omran also arranged transport for us from the Allenby bridge back to Amman, and drove us personally to the airport late at night. Omran is generous, thoughtful, and a fierce bargain hunter and advocate for everyone using his services. Our trip was a blast and it would not have been possible without Omran.

  52. If you need a driver and a tour guide in Jordan, then choose Omran. He drove us very save, he showed us local things, which we would never had seen without him, he is very in time, he organised a balloon flight, hotels and many other things to very good prices, and very important: you can trust more then 100%!
    When you go to Jordan without choosing Omran, you do a big mistake
    Thank you for everything Omran

  53. Back two days ago from a wonderful trip to Jordan, we were driven up and down from the excellent Omran team and we’re now missing you all so much 🙁
    Landscapes, spice flavours, sand and turkish coffees are still undeleted from our minds and we are almost sure that with other driver/company we might have miss at least the 50% of what we saw/did.
    Never felt unsafe, always being driven and advised like old friends, and each day a surprise.

    The best of the best!

  54. I want to start my review by thanking Omran and his team for a very wonderful job done.
    Our vacation in Jordan is one of our best holidays ever. This is because our daily tour was well organized through Omran’s help. Originally, we were supposed to join a group tour but because it was too costly, we settled to have a driver instead. Turned out, you wouldn’t be needing a tour guide afterall. Omran was there to help us visit the best places in Jordan for just a short period of 4 days.
    We were driven in a comfortable car with Nader as our driver. But Omran was always there to check on us from the beginning till our last day in Jordan.
    We were treated as special guests. He even brought us to a local restaurant at his own expense! Visit to a museum and Dana Reserve were additionals which we actually didn’t pay for. How thankful we truly are.
    Should Jordan be your next destination, don’t settle for anything less than Omran and his team. I can honestly say that you will be in great hands. Enjoy!

  55. jorge centofanti says:

    Affordable luxury of private tours April 2015
    I have wanted to go to Jordan since I have memory and, when the opportunity appeared early this year, I looked at organised Tours both in UK newspapers and the Internet in general. Most prices were beyond my reach and I would be part of a group, which meant travelling at set times and having restricted movement during visits. This was not for me.
    I wanted to travel freely, creating my own itinerary and deciding the times for travel and visiting. Having looked at the logistics of renting cars and driving in a country where printed Guides advice caution, I decided to search: private drivers in Jordan. Google promptly serviced me with pages of choice and, right on the first page, a Trip Advisor report caught my attention. There was mentioned somebody by the name of Omran Brkawi , of Jordan Day Tours and More. The reviews were all so positive that I decided to contact Mr Brkawi.
    Lo and behold, within 1 hour I had an email reply; further it was written in very good English, another bonus. What followed was a succession of rapid email interchanges which, combined with reading The Rough Guide to Jordan, a very good book indeed, allowed me to create an itinerary from Aqaba ( where I wanted to go snorkling) all the way to the North of the country and back.
    From then on, the adventure of a lifetime took shape, being driven by Mr Brkawi himself on many parts of the two weeks journey, other times by some of his team of drivers like Nader, or Jamal, or Rushdie, all of them perfect English speakers, kind and attentive. Mr Brkawi himself is the perfect multi-purpose Guide: driver, advisor, companion, protector, great service provider. I felt like a Pasha throughout my journey but I paid a very reasonable fare for what was sheer luxury. Affordable luxury.

    George, Tunbridge Wells, UK.

  56. Sitso Amankwah says:

    Having read several positive reviews about Omran’s services, we were hoping for a great experience in Jordan – and we weren’t disappointed! Even before arriving he was very prompt and easy to contact via email, and has a very clear pricing structure (which incidentally is great value for money compared to some of the other advertised packages online). But the best part of the tour experience was Omran himself. On our first night, not being sure of where to go for dinner, he offered to meet us at our hotel and take us out to a local restaurant, off the usual tourist routes- we got to sample some of the local delicacies like lamb mansaf, and got to know more about Omran’s background. Imagine our surprise when at the end of the dinner, he paid for the whole thing! We went on to use his services for a day tour of Amman, driving to Petra via the King’s Highway and then onward to Aqaba – the entire itinerary was based around our requests, with no unscheduled detours to go to “friend’s” souvenir shops or restaurants, as I have experienced on previous tour packages. All of his drivers spoke good English and were happy to tell us about the landmarks along the way. Whenever Omran wasn’t driving us, he would always speak to us on the phone to make sure everything was going smoothly, and to give recommendations of where to eat and what to see. By removing the stress of travelling across the country it made our whole experience much more enjoyable – I cannot think of a country I have visited where the locals have been so hospitable. I would happily use Omran’s services again for future visits to Jordan, and would recommend him to any of my friends and family – thank you!

  57. I found Omram on Trip Advisor and he came highly recommended. I had shopped around his rates were very competitive. On the day we arrived, we wanted a change on the itinerary and he did it so willingly and very cheaply. With Omran travelling throughout Jordan is like an adventure. He makes it so warm, welcoming, flexible and entertaining. You get to see the real local side of the country. He ensures that you dont go to places that are overpriced and he is always saving you money on food, shopping, touring etc. He is so warm and caring. I was going to Israel and Omran did not want to take the full money as he wanted me to have enough for my spending. He kept in touch whilst I was on Israel and when I got back and did not have sufficient to pay him back, he insisted that I do not pay any balance back. He wanted me to have enough to for my trip back. This was a real shocker to me as you do not find caring and warm people like this anywhere in the world. He showed me such a warm and friendly side of Jordan and he had no hidden agendas. His only goal was for people to fall in love with Jordan. He has such a long term startegic view on tourism for Jordan. He is honest and cares about every single detail about your trip. If he can save you money, he will insist that you dont spend more than you should. The kind of road stops and local sights would never have been covered if we did the tour with another company. And he never asks for more. I have gained a friend in Jordan and I cant wait for Omran to come and visit me back home. Thanks Omran and people dont use anyone else but Omran. Superior Service guaranteed.

  58. A wonderful time in beautiful Wadi Rum.

  59. Jen Kloester says:

    We had our first trip to Jordan last April and, although we had lived in the Middle East, were a bit unsure about how best to go about seeing this amazing country. We had a list of things we wanted to see and do but no idea of the best way to achieve our ambition. After lots of research on the internet we decided to book Omran Brkawi’s driver services. It turned out to be a brilliant decision. Omran was incredible in every way, friendly and incredibly kind but with no agenda, super knowledgeable about his beloved country and determined to ensure that we had a fabulous holiday. We did! Thanks to Omran and his drivers we had a perfect week – seriously. It was amazing. We have travelled for over thirty years and lived in different countries but we have never received service as good as this. Omran went out of his way to ensure that we got to places at just the right time – Petra just as the sun was setting (and he played amazing music as we drove to the lookout over the town with the siq in the distance – he later gave us CDs of the music to take home. It might sound cheesy but every time we play that music we are back there driving into Petra with a magnificent sunset over those amazing cliffs), the Dead Sea from the southern (non-tourist) end in time to climb over the salt flats and see the sun set. Aqaba in the morning where he surprised us with a glass-bottom boat tour and then magically produced a perfect fresh fish lunch. In Wadi Rum he organised a sunrise camel ride for us and ensured that we had a fabulous tour of that amazing wilderness. Omran seems to have this incredible understanding of how to create magical memorable moments for his guests but even more than that he genuinely cares for his clients. We were a little unsure at first, but within hours of being in his company and as each day surpassed the one before we had no doubt of his sincerity By the end of the trip Omran was much more than a guide or a driver or a businessman – he was a friend. We had a brilliant time in Jordan and highly recommend Omran Brkawi and his driver service.

  60. A ten star trip in Jordan.
    We were so lucky to find Omran and his team for driving us in Jordan. We had so much extra fun. He told us a lot about Jordanian life and we smoked the waterpipe.
    He tipped us about local food and places of interest away from the highlights.
    Jordan is a very safe country and our advice to everybody who wants to visit this beautiful country is:
    Don’t wait and don’t miss Omran and his team. You will come back very happy. You come as a customer and wou will leave as a friend.

  61. peter and kathi natale says:

    I saw very good reviews for Omran, the owner of Jordan Day Tour and decided to contact him only a few days before traveling to Jordan. He was really organized and flexible, so that we knew exactly the agenda we would have according to our needs. Omran picked us up at the airport soon after landing making us feel very welcome and drove us to the Dead Sea. We soon found that Omran was very knowledgeable about Jordan. We also could tell that he really cares about the comfort of his customers and has a great passion for Jordan. We used Omran for all our travel needs throughout the week which included a very interesting day driving down the Kings Highway on our way to Petra/Wadi Musa and then continuing on a few days later to Wadi Rum and then back to Amman airport at weeks end. Omran has some great contacts and has built connections with the local people. This made our experience very enjoyable and I felt that it was also more real that we were able to see the “real” Jordan, something we would have never experienced if we had travelled either alone or in a package type tour. Omran knew so many places to stop, from the best local restaurant in town, to finding the best coffee on the busy Desert Highway. He always answered all my questions and was never hesitant to give advice. Most important though, we knew he had our back, and kept us safe throughout our journey. I would strongly recommend you to use Jordan Day Tour if you have any requirements to see Jordan. You won’t regret it. Soon after arrival, Omran told us that he was our driver, but by the end of our holiday, he would be our friend. How true that was. Thank you, Omran for a great experience. We will be back someday.

  62. We are normally DIY tourists, but for whatever reason, we decided to hire a driver this time around at the very last minute. It was one of the best decisions we could have made for this trip. Omran and his team of drivers made what could have been a stressful holiday (road diversions, check points, poor signage ect) into pure pleasure. I’d made hotel reservations already and had a rough idea of some highlights we’d like to see. Omran filled in the details and made sure we did everything on my list, and much more. Each night he checked our itinerary and we set a plan for the following day. He or one of his drivers was there on time and smiling each morning to take us to our destination (and stop at interesting spots along the way). He suggested restaurants. He took family photos. He alerted us to tourist scams. He bought our snacks and groceries for us so we’d get “local” prices…which I didn’t realize just how “sliding” the scale was until he wasn’t with us one day and I got charged 5X as much! He checked in with us on days he wasn’t our driver. He bought treats for my children and wasn’t cross when they got crumbs all over his car. He’s a father of 4 and great with kids. While in every way a businessman and entrepreneur, he was honest and caring…which I’m pretty sure explains the amazing trip advisor reviews. It was like having an old friend take you around their home town. I feel we learned far more about Jordan, and amazing Jordanian hospitality because of him. My 5 year old daughter cried when he dropped us off at the airport. Need I say more?

  63. Nikolai & Sonja says:

    We booked Omran based on the reviews on the internet and we are very happy we did. From the moment we met it was clear he was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his country and cared deeply about us and his customers in general. The drive was very comfortable, we were regularly informed about the area and most importantly, were constantly made to feel at ease. Immediately on leaving we stopped and were bought a local coffee and sweets (delicious Jordanian specialties!) which we enjoyed at the beginning of the drive. The journey was then comfortable, informative with regular stops and photo opportunities and fascinating.

    In addition, during our trip we had a medical emergency. Omran and his team were absolutely fantastic, they took us to hospital, translated everything and took a huge amount of care in making sure we were ok. They arranged new hotel accommodation and re-arranged all the transport. We honestly do not know what we would have done without them and I owe Omran and his team so much for that.

    I would recommend him to anyone going to Jordan, you will be in excellent hands….

  64. I give Omran and Jordan Day Tours 5 stars. I traveled in Jordan in late January 2015. I found Omran on Trip Advisor, and contacted him to arrange for a driver. There was no hassle, and he offered a very fair price. Once in Jordan, Omran was on time, and was capable to making suggestions to my itinerary that included sites and events that I would not otherwise have had the pleasure of seeing (not in the guide books!!!). My travel in Jordan could not have gone better…I was able to see all the well known spots (Petra, Dead Sea, Karak Castle, Wadi Rum), please others that were suggested by Omran. Omran is a thoughtful, considerate, and intelligent driver and guide, speaks great English, and made my safety and enjoyment of my trip his priority. As someone that has traveled on five continents, and to more than 30 countries, I give Omran and Jordan Day Tours my highest recommendation.

  65. Nick and Ania James says:

    Our driver was Omran. Nice guy. Comfy vehicle.

    Showed us out of the way places and sites we wouldn’t have discovered any other way. Gave us interesting stories both about the places and from his own experience.

    Showed us delicious food from little roadside shops and cafes we wouldn’t have looked at twice. Was always very clear with us about what commission he would be offered by the vendors in different locations.

    He knew the roads and the times it took to get places so we saw lots but never felt hurried.

    We hired him for day trips on three days of our time in Jordan. It was a great holiday and Omran contributed very significantly to the quality of our time there.

    He was also helpful in his advice about the structure of our trip at the planning stage before we arrived.

  66. Terri and Richard says:

    Omran Brkawi is a trustworthy, kind, thoughtful and generous gentleman who restores your faith in people. He also runs a very respectable and highly organised transportation service . He helped us to plan our trip around Jordan so that we included all of the sites we wanted to visit and much more besides.

    He invited us to eat at restaurants serving good local food (including a range of vegetarian options, something we normally struggle to find) at very low prices and treated us to our first meal as a thank you for visiting Jordan and using his services – no catches, no strings attached.

    Forget motorway services with stale overpriced food – on one occasion he pulled over while we were heading out for the day and returned offering us hot, fresh falafel (Jordanian fast food he called it!) and another time we stopped at a remote Bedouin ‘café’ overlooking the desert and mountains serving coffee and homemade biscuits and all we paid was a contribution to the owner.

    Omran is a great ambassador for Jordan – polite, respectful and helpful, we chose to tour with him because of the positive comments on Trip Advisor and FaceBook.

    On days when Omran is unable to transport you personally he keeps in contact by phone to ensure you are well and happy. It is also very reassuring that Omran is available at any time day or night should you have concerns or an emergency.

    When we arrived at the airport late in the evening he was there to meet us and see us in to our hotel with a time agreed to meet the next day. We had a relaxed but full day’s tour of Jerash, Ajloun, Mount Nebo and Madaba where Omran took us to a beautiful church off the tourist trail to see the views from the bell tower and then explore tunnels and mosaics in the crypt.

    Omran gave us many useful tips on how to save money on entrance fees and guides and we were able to enjoy each attraction at our leisure and in our own time while he waited with no pressure to move on.

    The drive along the King’s Highway to Petra we passed through the most incredible scenery and Wadi Mujib is stunningly beautiful – the journey was covered at a comfortable pace with Omran passing on many interesting details about the history and culture of the area. On-route we stopped off at Kerak castle, had a leisurely lunch in a small restaurant outside of Kerak (recommended by Omran – great choice of food and wonderful hospitality) and then on to Shobak and finally a tour of Little Petra just before sunset. After arriving in Petra we said a temporary but sad goodbye to Omran as we did not need transportation during our stay in Petra.

    Petra is one of the most incredible sites that we have experienced and the walk up to the monastery was worth every step with its fabulous views over Wadi Musa. On Omran’s advice we took a picnic lunch which we enjoyed overlooking great views over the monastery and the Petra mountains. We chose not to have a guide and exploring at our own pace, taking paths of the beaten track gave us a truly peaceful and tranquil experience.

    Following a very restful stay at the Petra Guest Hotel, we were met by one of Omran’s drivers who was friendly, polite and punctual. He took us to the desert where we met by a delightful young Bedouin who took us to the Salman Zwaidh Bedouin camp. On arrival we enjoyed a welcoming cup of mint tea before setting off on a three hour jeep safari – a truly wonderful and memorable experience. Back at the camp we had time for more tea and to gather our thoughts then it was off to view the beautiful sunset over the desert with Ali telling us jokes and stories on the way. On our return preparations were being made for the evening meal and we were surprised when we realised the main course had been cooking beneath the sand for a number of hours. Again Omran had made sure that our vegetarian tastes were catered for and we enjoyed a variety of delicious local dishes, seated in a very comfortable and traditional Bedouin tent by the warmth of an open fire.

    Following this delicious meal we accompanied Ali on a moonlit walk in the desert for an incredible yoga and meditation experience in which we felt safe in a beautiful but remote location.

    Following a seamless handover from the camp to another of Omran’s team we made our way down to Aqaba to the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea to enjoy some relaxation by the pools and beach at the Movenpick hotel. We wanted to extend our stay in Aquaba and with no hesitation Omran rearranged the schedule to accommodate this change.

    After a leisurely and delicious breakfast we met up with Nadir, another of Omran’s team and set off for the Dead Sea. Nadir made us feel safe and comfortable and offered to stop for any breaks or photo opportunities we wanted. When we arrived at the Dead Sea Nadir was happy for us to take as long as we. It was surreal floating in the Dead Sea and looking up at the mountains of Jordan on one side and Israel on the other. Leaving the Dead Sea we took the most amazing mountain road with breath-taking views of the mountains and the Bedouin with their herds of goats and sheep and made our way to Madaba.

    After an incredible tour of Jordan we were back in Madaba where our travels and first encounter with Mr. Omran Brkawi had begun. We feel blessed to have met this charming gentleman who has become a friend in such a short space of time. After enjoying some mosaics and a final meal in Madaba we packed ready for an early morning .

    We had arranged to be collected from our hotel at 4.45am and predictably Omran was there by 4.30am to take us to the airport and say our fond farewells.
    If you should choose to visit Jordan either as a tourist or on business we cannot recommend Omran highly enough.

  67. Gery Barry says:

    Omran is without doubt the best touring driver I’ve ever has, and I’ve had many good one. I could go on and on a bout the number of times he chose the long route and managed the timing of stops so carefully so that I would have the best possible experience. What’s even more impressive is the delight it gives him to have his guests, who will in fact become his friends, see the country of which he is justifiable proud.

    Bravo, Omran. You are an incredibly special guy, and the best part of my wonderful if brief trip to Jordan was meeting YOU.

    Your friend,


  68. Raffaella says:

    We went to visit Jordan around New Years’ Eve 2014. We had only a week to see as much as we could and Omran made it possible. We contacted him by e-mail and he sent us an itinerary plan that we were able to discuss with him. He came to collect us at the airport and since the first time we met he has been so kind to us. He drove us around, up and down the country, and accomplished all our requests. He had always been punctual and accurate and gave us a lot of useful advises. He is not just a driver, he is a professional tour operator and he managed the full trip. He knows were beautiful places off the road are, and drove us there to get an unexpected pic of his beautiful country. We wanted to spend a night in the Wadi Rum desert and we had been offered a trip in the desert at sunset but Omran advised us that it was much better to wait until the next morning. He stayed with us at the camp and organized our dawn trip in the desert. He was right, we were alone and it was terrific!
    He is a decent, honest man and spending time with him, listening to his stories, was priceless! We are looking forward to meeting him again in his wonderful country!

  69. Lisa & Danny Martin says:

    We got very lucky on our trip having Omran as a driver. We immediately felt very warmly received at the airport in Amman and he put us at ease. Omran had sent us a detailed itinerary before we landed with a quoted price so we knew what to expect. We told him how long we had to spend in Jordan and what we wanted to see. He created a custom trip including Amman, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Petra and everything in between. Just make a list of everything you want to see and he will make sure to include it. Our quote included car,driver,gas and even little things like coffee and water which goes a long way. When you hear or read about Middle East hospitality in the lonely planet being from Canada you don’t really know what to expect but Omran went way out of his way on multiple occasions to make us feel comfortable and safe. Let me say his network and relationships around Jordan are very impressive. He loves his country and wants the tourists to have the greatest experience possible. Having traveled extensively in the past sometimes you can become weary of peoples intentions and it can make you jaded after being taken advantage of (being ripped off etc). However, Omran was the opposite. He warned us of scams and overpaying etc. so we were not taken advantage of. He is a genuinely kind and caring person. Jordan is very lucky to have someone like Omran to showcase their country. I would highly recommend him to anyone and we would rebook him in a second. Omran went above and beyond in every way to ensure we had the best experience in Jordan. On our six month of traveling Omran was by far the kindest and most generous person we met. When thinking back to visiting favorite countries it comes down to this phrase “It’s not the place it’s the people that make it” Omran is one of those people. I will never forget our time in Jordan and I sure will never forget the kindness of Omran.

  70. Emma Berglund says:

    Enjoying the sunrise on a camel in Wadi Rum.

  71. Emma Berglund says:

    We found Omran through the Lonely Planet forum and I am so glad we booked him because our trip to Jordan was amazing much thanks to him. He showed us the REAL Jordan (not only the touristy places) and was an amazing ambassador for the country and the friendly people. He recommended us to visit places we hadn’t thought about (only recommendations, he always let us decide of course) and that made our trip so much better than we ever could imagine. Even the car journeys were enjoyable – Omran is intelligent, kind, easy-going and has good values so I really enjoyed having different conversations with him as we passed the beautiful landscape. He is also a very good driver and I always felt very safe going with him.

    I can really recommend hire Omran or one of his drivers when going to Jordan since it means you are more free to do what you want, if you are going on a tour it is more difficult to be spontaneous. Omran did not only showed us, but also let us take part in the culture of the lovely country of Jordan. He is an incredibly honest person and he genuinely wants you to experience as much as possible of his country. I can truly recommend anyone to book him or one of his drivers – you will be in very good hands!

  72. Omran drove us around Jordan for three days in 2010 and it was one of the most memorable trips of our lives! We saw far, far more than we could possibly have done any other way, and it was all beautifully organised and so easy for us. Omran was also a delightfully informative guide, telling us all about life in Jordan, and the history and landscape of the place. And he knew all the very best places to take photos, stop for picnics, eat a good meal and so on. We could not have wished for anything more; he is the perfect person to show you this beautiful and fascinating country.

  73. Wonderful time in Jordan in February, 2014. Omran Brkawi provided us with expert service, comfortable accomodations, and reliable transportation. Omran’s love of his country showed as he gave us a wealth of history and informative notes at all of our stops. Omran always gave us plenty of time to wander and still made time for little side trips for steaming hot tea and Turkish coffee and sweets! Our itinerary included the ancient ruins at Jerash, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, the Dead Sea, INCREDIBLE views on the back roads to Petra, and over nite camping in Wadi Rum. While driving my wife and daughter cat napped and Omran and I shared our interests in construction, vehicles, photography and yes I got a few winks in also. Omran made reservations for several wonderful meals and we really enjoyed his country’s warmth and friendliness. Please do yourselves a favor by looking up Omran Brkawi for your visit to Jordan. As many have said before, you come as a visitor and leave as friends! Special thanks to you Omran for taking such good care of me and indulging my photo ops at all hours of the day and night! We will cherish our trip to your home forever!

  74. Ms Arooj .. Thank you for your Nice Review .
    all the Jordanian People Friendly And Helpful .
    its not big World any more .
    i enjoy my time talking with your husband .. we are friends now .
    and i will keep miss the Baby .
    with my best wish’s

  75. Mr Antonio
    Me and My Team always Happy to do our best .
    Its Great to see you again in Jordan

  76. Mr Marco ..
    Thank you for your review … i t was Great Meeting you .. you are Very Good photographer .. i hope to see you again in Jordan .

  77. Thank you Justin For your Nice Review .
    it was Great to meet you and your wife In Jordan .
    Me and My Team Enjoyed serving you .
    i will be happy to see you again in Jordan

  78. Before leaving for Jordan, I did quite a bit of research on drivers online. I contacted a few about our plans to travel throughout the country, but when I received Omran’s reply, I knew he was our guy! We were able to comfortably travel through Jordan for four days. Omran and his drivers were always on time, waiting for us in new model vehicles. He checked in with us to make sure we were happy with his services. Jordan is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. As others have said, Omran is more than a driver. He is full of knowledge and proud of his country. He was always making sure we were 110% satisfied. He even took us to a local restaurant to have dinner with him in Amman on our last night for a few hours and my wife and I loved it. It was like hanging out with a friend we knew for years! He’s the best driver in Jordan, you won’t regret using his services!


  79. Adnan Malik says:

    Honestly speaking.. I wish this guy was sitting at the Immigration. Smiling and very welcoming person.

    I visited Jordan in December 2013 for medical treatment and simply had no idea who to contact and places I would to stay in addition to the places I need to visit.

    We Google came across this name and saw many recommendations from people. I later found out that he has a Facebook account and I’m amazed by the number fans he has and how much people really enjoyed his service.

    Anyway I wrote to him and received just the reply I want to know..direction where I should stay etc..above all he spoke to the hotel manager and arranged a room at a very special rate. Very spacious.. Excellent rate with breakfast. Trust me I couldn’t find that rate in or agoda.

    The hotel was Larsa !!

    Myself and my wife had the best holiday. All the planning was set by Omran and the best part he is excellent in photography (one of his click is uploaded). He knows that exact spot and place you need to visit and would explain in details.

    Very trusting, respectful and warm person and this what we all are looking for when visiting a new place. We like to be in safe hands. He speaks English very well. So communications was never a barrier and this is something which I faced many time in my many other trips.

    His feedback and recommendations very just so valuable and we stick to that. This is when we went to down town and at times I wanted to go out at night and he would follow up to ensure we are safe.

    I wish him the very best in his new venture and should any one needs more information I’ll be more then glad to provide.

  80. Marco Brivio says:

    I’ve travelled all over the World, but the trip to Jordan is one of the most memorable.
    We relied on the services of Omran and his agency and thanks to him and to his expertise we could enjoy the beauty of a wonderful Country.
    He accompanied us in the most charming districts of Amman and the last day, at 3 AM in the night he dropped us at the airport for our night fly back home, with a great hot coffee and jordanian sweets for us offered by him.
    We visited Amman, Jerash, Ajloun Castle, Mt. Nebo, Dead Sea, Little Petra, Petra and Madaba with its unique mosaics.
    We will never forget Jordan and Omran, we are happy we met a friend.

    You may view some of the pictures I took during the trip:

  81. antonio carrico says:

    I contacted a couple of drivers and ended up chossing Omran Brkawi´s services, as it seemed more reliable, with helpful tips about route and places to see.

    it was definetly the right choice, Omran is a very experienced driver and a good person.

    I highly recommend Omran and his colleagues to anyone needing a driver in Jordan!

  82. We were lucky enough to have met Omran as our driver in Jordan last year. My husband, our 5 month old baby and I made an impromptu trip over to Jordan and found Omran through a travel forum.

    It was one of the most memorable trips. Omran made our trip to Jordan so incredibly rich because of the way he interacted with us and the way he showed us Jordanian culture and hospitality . He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He took such good care of us and the baby, it was just hard to believe. He honestly did treat us like we were friends.

    In terms of site seeing, let’s just say we thought we would see maybe half of what Omran ended up showing us. His punctuality was on point. His dedication to make sure we had a good experience is just indescribable. He was very good in responding to anything we needed. His suggestions were always good.

    I recommend Omran to all my friends if they end up in Jordan. He’s the most honest and caring guy around!

  83. I made my Jordan travel plans last minute. The day before I read something about how you should have most of your activities and services booked before you go! After scrambling about message boards I came across quite a few driver recommendations for Omran. Of the three driver services I contacted, he was the first to respond, the only one not to say my plan was impossible or crazy, and simply the friendliest, most up-front with the facts. The others tried to get all my payment details before even setting a concrete itinerary with me.

    Initially I booked Omran for a 5am pickup from Amman airport, a short tour around Amman, a trip to the Dead Sea and drop-off that same day in Petra, with plans to visit some ruins/historical sites a few days later. I was so happy, I decided to add a few more trips into my itinerary and a drop-off at the airport on my final morning. The other drives included a half day trip to Mujib Reserve followed by an awesome and very filling lunch and a full day trip to Jerash, Ajloun and Umm Qais.

    Omran and his colleague were incredibly friendly and wise to great local places for food, from a quick snack to a long sit-down meal. It was great discussing Jordan, society and politics with them.

    And they are so flexible! I leave travel plans to the very last second and they tend to change a lot. They handled my whims with ease!

    I highly recommend Omran and his colleagues to anyone needing a driver in Jordan!

  84. Mr Pang … Thank you for Using My Transportation Service In Jordan .. I Really Enjoy My Time with you and with your Nice Family … Especially The Sweet Kids .
    i wish if you post Photo of your Tour in Jordan and its will be Great to see you Again in Jordan .

  85. I found the driver name Omran Brkawi from website with good reviews and this was my very right choice for my trip in Jordan last Oct 14. He was our driver from Amman Airport – Petra, Petra – Deadsea and Deadsea – Mt Nebo – Amman Airport. A very reliable driver and good service.
    I would recommend his service to anyone who like to hire a driver in Jordan and you will find it a good experience in Jordan.

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