Aqaba (Red Sea)

The Jewel Of The Red Sea

Red Sea

Red Sea

Aqaba is the only seaport of Jordan so virtually all of Jordan’s exports depart from here

Driving Hours To Aqaba From

  • Amman, It Takes Around 4 Hours drive

  • Wadi Rum, It Takes Around 1 Hours drive

  • Petra, It Takes Around 2 Hours drive

  • Dead Sea, It Takes Around 3.5 Hours drive

  •  Madaba, It Takes Around 3.5 Hours drive

What you can do in Aqaba

1. Snorkeling & Diving Aqaba

coastlines are a playground for snorkelers and free-divers,so you will enjoy diving with thriving reefs and even some large shipwrecks all along their lengths

Red Sea  Red Sea


 2. Aqaba Glass boat 

 Take in short boat ride and peek into the deep as you sit comfortably on deck 


3. Swimming

Aqaba Aqaba

in short note,There are two kinds of hotels:

  1. Hotels with beach most of them 4-5 stars.
  2. Hotels without beach most of them located in the center of The city. people with a budget they can buy private beach ticket its good to know this ticket includes shuttle bus.i

More Info About Aqaba

Aqaba is Jordan’s only Red Sea resort therefore its the port city which is warm,

sunny, inviting, and has a dazzling undersea world of some of them. 

most spectacular coral reefs to be found anywhere else in addition

Of special interest among the ancient and medieval archaeological sites are the early Islamic city called Ayla

in fact, the Aqaba Fort, built by the Mamluk Sultan Qansweh El-Ghuri at the beginning of the 16th century

which was originally a Crusader Castle, and also, a very fine museum at the historical residence of Sharif Hussein bin Ali

containing a collection of artifacts collected in the region, including fragments of lusterware from Samaria, Chinese ceramics, Umayyad Islamic archaeological finds, and pottery and coins.

During national holidays, Jordanians from the north, particularly Amman and Irbid, flock to Aqaba’s luxury resorts and sandy beaches

Aela reached its peak during Roman times

Other places of interest are the site of the oldest church in the world, in addition to the Aquarium and several diving centers across the shoreline.

Aqaba has recently experienced a great growth in its nightlife,

especially during the dramatic increase of tourist number in the 2000s.

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