Wadi Rum Open-air Museum and library

Wadi Rum Offers

Offer 1: for Couples: Martin tent 100 JOD per person + Traditional Dinner + Breakfast + 3HRS Jeep Tour. (no less than 2 Person).

Offer 2: 75 JOD per Person including Accommodation in a private Tent (bathroom in the tent) + Traditional Dinner + Breakfast + 3 HRS Jeep Tour.

Offer 3: 65 JOD per Person including Accommodation in a private tent (shared bathroom) + Traditional Dinner + Breakfast + 3 HRS Jeep Tour.

Offer 4: 55 JOD per Person including Accommodation in a private tent (shared bathroom) + Traditional Dinner + Breakfast + 3 HRS Jeep Tour(Small Camp).
OR you can feel free to book wadi rum Camp By Yourself.
Camel ride cost 15 JOD Per Person Per Camel Per Hrs.
If you book your Camp By yourself and you like to book the Jeep Tour with Us The cost 60 JOD For 3 Hrs not per person.

Wadi Rum Tours



(Local Tour guide can be used if desired) From The Main Entrance, we are flexible about the Time.

Driving Hours To Wadi Rum

Things To Do in Wadi Rum :

Sleeping in wadi rum one of the interesting things you would like to Try ,Mixing with bedouins it will add to your visit another Experience of The live in the wadi rum desert,most of The bedouins run many interesting skills how they can give you a good Experience to enjoy the desert of wadi rum, However if your time not enough to spend 1 night in wadi rum you can enjoy Jeep tour also a traditional dinner in one of wadi rum camp’s .

The Tour starts from 2 Hrs to full-day around 7 Hrs, certainly, The Jeep Tour includes many stops to different interesting sites in wadi rum, you can do the tour with an open or closed jeep, most of the bedouins driver can talk English and explain for you some information.

Ride a camel in wadi rum very interesting take you back to the old-time when the bedouins used to move in Desert by Camels, it’s another way to discover the Magic of The desert.

certainly, Camels were and continue to be a very important part of Bedouin life. for the reason that Without them the long journeys across the desert in the past would have been impossible.

In general, watching the sunset in wadi rum breathless view silence and sunset will take you to another world of imagination, From My Eyes its Open-air museum and library, the atmosphere feeling touch deeply your senses, you will feel the nature still there no 1 touched.

Sunrise in wadi rum more interesting especially if you do it by camel ride with a cup of bedouins tea, wake up and walk Early morning in the desert add to your visit breathing the nature air faraway of the Pollution of the city

a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience at sunrise, the most spectacular, mind-blowing and magical experience in Wadi Rum, The tour starts in the early hours of the morning, just before sunrise. The take Guests in jeeps to a site (which site depends on the direction of the wind) where the balloon location, Balloon flights typically take place during the early morning hours and last for around one hour, but guests should allow 2 to 3 hours for the whole experience. Balloon capacity: 16 passengers.

Book your flight with Captain Khaled, from Wadi Rum.    kahashishani@yahoo.com / +962 797 300 298

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“The Valley of the Moon”, Wadi Rum is one of the most special and favorite places for stargazers around the world.
 Certainly a beautiful masterpiece of nature with golden dunes in the daytime, and a vast emptiness of starlight at night, bedouins say we have millions of star and you are the moon.

Marten Tent

Wadi Rum Attractions

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