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Jordan Day & Tour For Tourism Marketing

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Jordan 1 of Best Country in the middle east, where you can find the different history with Amazing Petra,float in Dead Sea,dive in Red Sea,wadi rum where is the open air museum.

2 Day Petra Tour From Amman - Petra - 2 Days Tour Jordan


The Capital Of The Nabataean Kingdom. One Of The Most Famous Archaeological Sites In The World.

wadi rum - Jordan Tours

Wadi Rum

The Valley Of The Moon . The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom ,Jeep Tour, Camel Ride , Camping , watching The Star.

Amman Dead Sea Tour- Dead Sea Tour, Dead Sea Mudding

Dead Sea

More Than 400m Below Sea Level, The Lowest Point On Dry Land. Floating , Muding , Salt And Magnesium .


Most Interesting Roman Site, Bronze Age, columns of the Temple of Artemis and the huge Forum’s oval colonnade.


Ajlun Castle

(Qal'at Ar-Rabad) 12th-Century Muslim Castle, Greatest Examples Of Islamic Ayyubid Military Architecture.


UMM Qais

The Ruins Of The Ancient Gadara,Perched On a splendid Hilltop Overlooking The The Sea of Galilee.


6th-Century Mosaic Map Of The Holy Land,St.John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church,St George's Greek Orthodox Church.

Mount Nebo, Jordan Day Tour And More, Driver in Jordan

Mount Nebo

710 Metres Above Sea Level, Mentioned In The Hebrew Bible As The Place Where Moses Was Granted A View Of The Promised Land.

Baptism Site

The place Where Jesus Was Baptized , added To UNESCO’s Heritage list , Located At Or Around The Natural Hill At Tell Al Kharrar .

Azraq Castle Tour From Different Cities

Azraq Castle

Constructed Of The local black basalt,A large Fortress Located In Present-Day Eastern Jordan,T.E. Lawrence Based his Operations Here In 1917

Qasr Amra

8th Century, Considered One Of The Most Important Examples Of Early Islamic Art And Architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Qasr Kharana

One Of The Best-known Of Desert Castles Located In Eastern Jordan, Believed To Have Been Built Sometime Before Early 8th century AD.

Dana Reserve - Jordan Tour

Dana Reserve

Jordan's Largest Nature Reserve,308 Square kM.The Only Nature Reserve In Jordan That Crosses 4 Bio-geographical Zones.

Azraq Wetland Reserve, Jordan, Jordan Day Tour And More, Driver in Jordan

Azraq Reserve

An Oasis For Migratory Birds, Established in 1978 And Covers 12 Square kM (4.6 sq MI),The wetlands Were Created Some 250,000 years ago.

Mujib Reserve

A River Canyon Enters The Dead Sea c 420 Metres (1,380 ft) Below Sea Level, located In The Mountainous Landscape To The East Of The Dead Sea.

AQABA (RED SEA - Diving - Jordan Tours

Aqaba (Red Sea)

The Jewel Of The Red Sea, Inhabited Since 4000 B.C ,A Jordanian Port City,Scuba Diving ,Snorkeling,Glass Boat, Built By Mamluk Crusaders In 12th Century .

Karak Castle, Jordan, Jordan Day Tour And More, Driver in Jordan

Karak Castle

One Of The Largest Crusader Castles In The Levant,Sits 900m Above Sea Level And Lies Inside The Walls Of The Old City,Once Saladin's Favourite Artillery Position.

shobak Castle

An Early 12th-Century Crusader Castle In Barren Surroundings. It Is Perched On The Side Of A Rocky, Conical Mountain At 1,300m (4,265ft) Above .

Umm ar-Rasas

The Capital City Of The Madaba Governorate In Central Jordan, It Was Once Accessible By Branches Of The King's Highway, 1 Of The UNESCO World Heritage Site.


According To Flavius Josephus, It Is The Location Of The Imprisonment And Execution Of John The Baptist.Built on (104 BC-78 BC)by The Alexander Jannaeus

Little Petra

A Nabataean Site, With Buildings Carved Into The Walls Of The Sandstone Canyons,It Is Part Of The Petra Archeological Park,Also known As Siq Al-Barid , AL Beidha .

Ma'in Hot Springs

Hammamat Ma'in Are A Series Of Hot Mineral Springs And Waterfalls,120 Meters Below Sea Level,Containing important elements,Temperatures In some Springs Reach 63 Degrees Celsius.


The Capital Of Jordan , A Modern City With Numerous Ancient Ruins, Citadel , Roman Temple Of Hercules , The 8th-Century Umayyad Palace Complex ,The Roman Theater,a 6,000-Capacity .

Petra - Amman City Tour

Petra by Night

Petra by Night Runs Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday ,Starts At 20:30 From Petra Visitor Centre And Delivers You Back By Licensed Guide To The Visitor Centre Around 22.30pm.


27.4 km (17 Miles) South Of The Sea Of Galilee, Represents One Of Ten Decapolis Cities That Were Founded During The Hellenistic Period And Became Powerful Under Roman Jurisdiction.

Al Salt

An Ancient Agricultural Town And Administrative Centre In West-Central Jordan.It Is On The Old Main Highway Leading From Amman To Jerusalem.About 790–1,100 Metres Above Sea Level.

Islamic Holy Sites

Cave Of The Seven Sleepers . Abdul-Rahman Ibn Awf. Bilal Bin Rabah . Zaid Bin Harithah,Ja'far Bin Abi Talib,Abdullah Bin Ruwahah,PROPHET LUT And More