Ajloun is a town in the fertile highlands of north Jordan

Driving hours to Ajloun 

  1. Amman to Ajloun it takes around 1 hour and a half.
  2. Ajloun to Jerash around 35 minutes.

Opening Hours:

8am to 5pm (Winter) / 8am to 7pm (Summer) / 9.30am to 5.30pm (Ramadan) / 9am to 4pm (Friday and Holidays)


its a hilly town in the north of Jordan,

located 76 kilometers northwest of Amman.

It is noted for its impressive ruins of the 12th-century Ajloun Castle. in addition to that it

Also has  a collection of about 27 villages with a population approaching 200,000.

Both Muslims and Christians live in Ajloun city, but the Christians are in minority.

Top things to do in Ajloun

1. Ajloun Castle

This historic castle builds at top Mt ‘Auf (1250m) during 1184 and 1188.

by one of Saladin’s generals, ‘Izz ad-Din Usama bin Munqidh (who was also Saladin’s nephew).

Also The castle commands views of the Jordan Valley and three wadis leading into it.

so it making the castle an important strategic link in the defensive chain against the Crusaders.

The castle played a central role in controlling traffic between Damascus and Egypt during the twelfth century.

it was renovated numerous times during the reigns of various rulers such as the Mamluks, and Salahuddin Ayyubi.

but it was destroyed during the times of the Mongols.

and it later suffered more damage during the earthquake that struck the area in the early twentieth century.

The castle gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Ajloun is a great place for visitors because it not only gives them a sense of history.

in other words The fertile landscape makes it an excellent place for sightseeing.

Ajloun castle tickets: 2 JD including Museum entrance 


2. Ajloun Castle Museum

Within Ajloun (Qal’ at Ar-Rabad), small, but interesting museum

the  Archaeological Museum (founded in 1993) and it exhibits an extensive, excavated collection of:

  • pottery.
  • ceramics.
  • glass bottles.
  • stone tools.
  • metalwork.
  • coins. 
  • fragments of buildings with intricate drawings and inscriptions.
  • and other artifacts dating from 1000 BC to 1918 AD.

Anyone visiting Ajloun Castle should visit the museum to have a much better understanding of:

  • the Great Salah al-Din Al Ayyubi.
  • the history of the Castle.
  • and, Also the people who lived in it and around it through thousands of years.
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