Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve


Dana Biosphere Reserve is located in the Dana area within the Tafila Governorate, in southern Jordan,

is Jordan’s largest nature reserve, covering some 320 square kilometers

of spectacular mountains and Wadis along the face of the Great Rift Valley.

This reserve plays an essential role in protecting the natural resources of the animal and plant resources that should be preserved.

The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the only protected area in Jordan with four geographical regions:

the Mediterranean, the Turanian, the Arabian Desert, and the Sudanese. It is, therefore, the most diverse region

in Jordan in terms of environmental regulations and plant patterns.

Plants of Dana Biosphere Reserve

the variations in temperature and rain vary, depending on the height of the reserve.

The reserve has evergreen cypress trees as well as oak and juniper trees, but these forests no longer are evergreen cypress trees.

The massive density of trees crossed by humans by cutting and ablation.

Animal wealth in Dana

The Dana reserve contains many invertebrate animals, reptiles and birds.

Most of these animals are endangered, with birds, for example, containing 209 birds.

These birds are rare and endangered birds. so

The animals include the desert cat, wolves, sand foxes, plankton and deer.

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