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Mount Nebo

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Outside Madaba, 41 Kilometer away from Amman.

Reason for naming:

Relative to the Babylonian God of commerce

Related Religious :

Islam, Christian, Judaism

Mount Nebo Map

Mount Nebo

According to the bible, The Mountain On which the prophet Moses was died after he shown the promised land.

it Considered a top attraction in Jordan because its religious and historical significance.

There is a large collection of ancient mosaics.

This Place should be on your Must-see list if you want to experience history.

The Religious Significant for all religion

Islam —-> This Place has sanctity for Muslims as its contains the Tomb of Moses ( Peace be upon him ).

Christians —-> they believe that Moses saw the land that god promised him while standing on it and they also, believed that he had died in this land and buried there and in reverence for this place.

for this belief a complex of churches tombs, mosaic painting and a temple were built and considered as the shrine of Moses. 

Jews —-> the word Nebo the land of Nebo is mentioned In the Torah and it considered by the Jewish a forbidden land and Moses has looked through the land of Canaan.

The most Attraction and attractive thing in mount Nebo is the view 

It’s the best place in the world to observe.

On a clear day you can see without any equipment Dead Sea, Balqa Mountains, Palestine Including the Dome of the rock and church, towers in Jerusalem and south of Lebanon and mount sheikh in the north  on Sinai.

From it, there are several other sites that can be included in your tour. Madaba is a historic city that is very close, the Dead Sea is a short drive and along the way, you pass the Baptism Site. Also, there is Makawir, Ma’in Hot Springs, and Lot’s Cave.

A trip to Mount Nebo offers fascinating insight into history, religion and general Jordanian culture. We highly recommend including this great spot on your Jordan tour.

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FAQ About M. Nebo

Q1: Where its Located ?!

 Located in Jordan 41 km away from Amman outside Madaba

Q2: How Far is Mount Nebo from Amman And Dead Sea?

41 kilometer  Away from Amman and 33.3 kilometer from Dead Sea

Q3: what is the high of mount Nebo?

 approximately 710 meters (2,330 ft) above sea level

Q4: What dose Mount Nebo Mean ?

Relative to the Babylonian God of commerce.

Q5: who died in mount Nebo?

                           the prophet Moses                         

             Q6: Why its Important ?         

its significant because of its role in the Old Testament.

  and it has a significant role in all religion Islam, christian, and Jewish

Q7: Is Mount Nebo Included in Jordan Pass?!

No, Its Not included in Jordan Pass

Q8: How much it cost to enter (Mount Nebo Entrance Fee)?

it costs 2 JD (3 US).