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King Hussein Mosque King Hussein Mosque


King Hussein bin Talal Mosque, better known as the King Hussein Mosque, is the largest mosque in Jordan.

 Not to be confused with the 1924 Grand Al-Husseini Mosque, also known as King Hussein Mosque, in Downtown Amman.

King Hussein Mosque was built in 2005 in the reign of King Abdullah II in West Amman,

specifically in Al Hussein Public Parks at King Abdullah II Street near King Hussein Medical Center.

The mosque is located at an altitude of 1,013 meters (3,323 ft) above sea level and can thus be seen from most parts of Amman.

It is square and features four minarets and marble floors.

In 2012, King Abdullah opened the Museum of the Prophet (Arabic: “متحف الرسول”, matḥaf ar-rusūl),

which houses a number of relics associated with the Prophet Muhammad.

the largest and most modern mosques in Jordan.

It is located in Amman at Dabouq area at 1013 meters above sea level in

the King Hussein Gardens near Al Hussein Medical City. It is strategically located overlooking Amman and the Wadi Sir

Mountains. It is characterized by its square shape and minarets The four floors have marble flooring.

Islamic architecture in King Hussein Mosque

The mosque took the shape of an Islamic fortress in which the splendor of the design reflected the

style of the distinctive Islamic architecture and its collection of modernity and authenticity

in the Islamic inscriptions on walls, arches, arches, and floors to be a witness to the extent of the

Hashemites’ interest in the building of the houses of God.

The design of the mosque is dominated by the architecture of the Islamic region of the Levant,

which is clearly visible in its internal and external facades, which have acquired the Jordanian building stone in colors, patterns, formations, and Islamic inscriptions,

as well as all the courtyard floors, entrances, and corridors surrounding it

The mosque’s mihrab is an Islamic masterpiece reminiscent of traditional Islamic arches made of pure wood.

It used walnut and oak to bind it in the way of interlock without the use of adhesive or metal for installation,

a method that has not been used for 200 years.Jordan Tour