Little Petra

Little Petra.

Little Petra

 Location: 10 Min Away from Petra, Jordan.Names: Al-Beidha.Description: It’s a small copy of the main site. Usage: agricultural center, trading suburb and resupply post for camel caravans visiting  the rose city.

Al- Beidha

You May Have heard about the most famous archaeological site in Jordan Which is Called Petra (The rose city).

but the thing that you may don’t know about that there is a small copy of the huge Petra called Al – Beida).

it’s 10 minutes far away from the huge Petra

It’s one of the first settled villages in human history.  Founded between 7200BC to 6500BC,

The settlement burned down and rebuild around that time.

it inhabited for a short while before it  abandoned.

The Retaining wall and houses are still visible today.

The site includes tombs, temples, water channels and cisterns carved out of the rock as well as the remains of frescoes on plaster.

many religious activities were held, including the Feast of Drink, when the king of the Nabataeans hosted celebrations,

and provide drinks for his guests.

There is also a cave with the remains of a fresco painted by the Nabataeans that represented grapevines, which confirmed the view that (Al-Beidha)  the area of wine production.

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FAQ About Al-Beidha

Q1: Why it called Little Petra?

Because the similarity with the main site Petra  It is thought to have been an important suburb of Petra and is entered through a narrow opening, similar to Siq but of a much smaller scale.

Q2: is Little Petra worth to visit?

yes sure its worth to visiting because many reasons.

1. Free Entrance

Unlike Petra which has a very expensive ticket ( 50JD/ approximately £56 for 1 day!) Al- beidha  is completely free, having or not a Jordan Pass

2. It has a Relaxed Vibe and no crowd.

The tourists visiting  are enormously less so this can affect the entire experience in some extent as well. A relaxing atmosphere and a “time hasn’t affected this historical place” vibe is way more possible to be experienced

3. You can interact with Bedouins on a more personal level

This is totally understandable and expected. Over half of a million tourists visit the rose city every year and just a few of them actually pay a visit to al beidha! So the local sellers/ Bedouins around little Petra have much more time to talk to you/ answer questions/help you etc IF they want it to. Don’t be surprised if you might be offered tea in someone’s cave

Q3: Is Al-Beidha Entrance fee Included In Jordan Pass?

its completely free no entrance fee needed.