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Petra By Night

when you see the simplicity, a petra by the night lack of modernity, and when you walk slowly through the narrow canyons of the seq which is lit by the occasional orange glow of paper lanterns you will feel peaceful and Fascination. the light of the candles on the rose rocks will impress you and make you fascinated by the light reflections on the rocks. all that and you didn’t see the khazna yet.

you will listen to a lot of hum around you but suddenly the Silence looms around the place everyone will open his mouth because of the beauty and charm of the scene hundreds of candles in front of the khazna that reflect it light on it this will make a fascinating scene that It will remain entrenched in your mind forever.

one of the events that you must see before you die.

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to not just ‘see’ Petra night. Take the time to experience it. Let its majesty wash over you and seek out quiet moments of discovery wherever you can find them.

Who knows, you may just rediscover a part of yourself.

FAQ About Petra By Night 

Q1: How much is it for ‘Petra by Night’?

The entrance fee for Petra Night is 17 JD (Around 23.98$),

Children under the age of 10 can admit for free.

Q2: Where You can buy the Tickets

  • Visitor Center shops.
  • local tour agencies in Petra.
  • your hotel reception.

Q3: Is included in the Jordan pass?

No, tickets not included in the Jordan Pass.

Q4: What is the Days & time of the show??

it runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week, starts at 20:30

This 2 km walk is an experience you will never forget!

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