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Umm El-Jimal it’s a historical site located in Jordan, 86 Kilometer away from Amman nearest to Al-Mafraq city & Syria-Jordan border.

also, it’s known as “black oasis” because of the large numbers of black volcanic stones.

It is characterized by the great stone gates.


Umm El-Jimal dates back to the Byzantine-Roman-Nabatean period.

This city was built in one of the ancient Nabatean settlements of black basalt bricks supported by

rectangular basalt blocks and flourished in the first century BC.

It has historically known to be a junction of the roads linking Palestine and Jordan to Syria and Iraq.

Where it lies along Trajan Road and forms a station in the middle of this road that connects

Amman and Basra or Damascus and Basra.also from Al-Azraq to the Arabian Peninsula

It considers as one of the ten cities of the Decapolis alliance, known as the Kantha, which held in the days

of Greece and the Romans. It included ten cities in the region at the border of Jordan, Syria, and Palestine.

It is believed that the Umayyads inhabited this city in a dense manner.

seems that it’s subject to an earthquake before the center of the Caliphate

moved from Damascus to Baghdad during the Abbasid caliphate, which led to the gradual abandonment

Historical Sites In Umm El-Jimal

there are remains of fortifications where many churches,

large and small, and covered or exposed water basins, as well as the remains of a Roman military site, built inside.

it’s rich in large numbers of water basins for private and public use because the city is far from water sources.

Recently found some channels to draw water from the underground is likely to residents

were getting water by pulling them from far away by these channels.

also, there are traces of the Byzantine churches and an ancient mosaic representing

the Jordan River and on both sides of the cities and villages mentioned in the Bible.

Umm El-Jimal         Umm El-Jimal

Umm El-Jimal         Umm El-Jimal