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Jordan Archaeological Museum is located in Ras Al-Ein district of Amman, Jordan.

Built-in 2014, the museum is the largest museum in Jordan and hosts the country’s most important archaeological findings.

The museum presents artifacts from various prehistoric archaeological sites in Jordan,

including the 7500 BC ‘Ain Ghazal statues which are regard as one of the oldest human statues ever made by human civilization.

The collections in the museum are arranged in chronological order and also features lecture halls, Jordan Tour

outdoor exhibitions, a library, a conservation center and an area for children’s activities.

The museum was established by a committee headed by Queen Rania, Jordan Tour

which became the only museum in Jordan to implement modern artifact preserving technologies Jordan Tour


its located in the Ras Al-Ein area near downtown Amman,

adjacent to the Greater Amman Municipality headquarters.

The Museum is only a street away from major archaeological sites in Amman

such as the Roman theater, Nymphaeum, Amman Citadel, and The Hashemite Plaza.

Background of the Jordan Archaeological Museum

established in 1951 hosting Jordan’s most important archaeological findings.

However, the old site became too small and the idea of developing a new modern museum emerged in 2005.

A joint committee headed by Queen Rania became responsible for developing the idea of a new modern museum

by international standards. Construction starts in 2009 and the museum was officially opened in 2014,

spanning over 10,000 square meters. in addition to 

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