Hedjaz Jordan Railway

Hedjaz Jordan Railway


Hedjaz Jordan Railway Jordan Tour

The station is located in the East Amman area west of Marka and east of the Roman Amphitheater

near Marka International Airport. Amman station is the middle of the road between Zarqa and Ma’an.

was one of the two successors to the famous Hedjaz Railway Jordan Tour

When the Ottoman Empire. collapsed in 1920, the Hedjaz Railway, formerly under Ottoman control,

divided into 2 railways: (CFH) and (HJR). Jordan Tour

The HJR operated the line of the Hedjaz railway in Jordan (at the time British Palestine).

When Jordan was formed in 1946, the railway served as the state railway of Jordan, though it was not owned by the state.

In 1975 the HJR built a line branch line from Ma’an to Aqaba, a port city.

The line was later sold to the Aqaba Railway Corporation in 1979.

The Hedjaz Jordan Railway still operates today between the Jordan/Syria border, through Amman to Irbid.


  • 217km + 111km abandoned lines
  • One train/day between Amman & Damascus
  • Tourist and school trains upon request

Station uses

The Jordanian Hijazi Railways Foundation will conduct tourism trips to the Qasr-Umm Al-Hieran station

near the Radio and Television Corporation and to Zarqa and Mafraq.

In the second and third days of Eid al-Adha, a journey from Amman station to Giza Station will be launched.

The station was used only twice last one was a wedding in August 2015


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