Ma’in Hot Springs

Ma’in Hot Springs


Ma’in Hot Springs are a series of hot mineral springs and waterfalls located between Jordan Tour

Madaba and the Dead Sea in Madaba Governorate, Jordan. Jordan Tour

located 58 km south of Amman and is 27 km away from Madaba. Jordan Tour

The Ma’in region contains a total of 63 springs at different temperatures but the similar chemical composition.

History of Ma’in Hot Springs

The natural hot springs that makeup Ma’in are believed to have a number of biblical connections.

The springs of Ma’in were originally known as Baaras and are mentioned in the Bible.

According to the Bible King Herod regularly visited Baaras due to the springs’ natural healing qualities.

The king lived in Mukawir palace which is located 33 kilometers from Ma’in.

What to See at Ma’in Hot Springs

The springs still run hot today and the site is now home to a modern spa resort, which provides a full range of spa services.

For non-guests, there is a day-use fee to enter the complex.

The main waterfall, which gushes over a cliff beneath the resort, ranges in temperature from 40° to 60° C (104-140° F).

This is the most popular spot and is often full of families and young people enjoying the waters,

in attire ranging from fully-veiled robes to modern western swimsuits.

Visitors should respect the more traditional bathers and leave the stringiest bikinis at home.

There are hot pools and several smaller falls nearby as addition to 

About 6km after the turnoff for Hammamat Ma’in is the impressive Al Megheirat dolmen field, so

with hundreds of dolmens (prehistoric chamber tombs) scattered across several hillsides.and

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