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Camel Tour

 Visit the must-see places of Wadi Rum Protected Area by camel

Camel Tour Start from the village or your Camp, Depending if you just reach Wadi rum or you spend the overnight in Wadi rum.

Camel Tour 3-4 Hrs or full day, you should decide Before .

1 Hrs Camel Tour Available, but as you know Wadi rum big area , so you can say it’s camel ride for 1 Hrs not camel tour.

1 Hrs Camel ride recommended during the sunrise or sunset.

for 1 Hrs camel ride the guide will walk with you, but more than 1 Hrs the guide he will ride a camel too,all the tour include guide and water .

Generally camel guides speak less English than jeep and hiking guides.

Jeep Tour

Jeep Tours are a great way to visit the most interesting and historical sites in Wadi Rum. Our flexible 4 hour, 3 hour and 2 hour, give you plenty of time to explore, take photographs, relax and enjoy Bedouin tea.

The Jeep Tour Start From The village – visitor center or from your camp.

The Best Time for Jeep Tour Starting from Early Morning watching the sunrise or evening to enjoy sunset .

if you are not spending the night in any of wadi rum Camp we offer Optional traditional dinner After the Jeep Tour  in 1 of wadi rum Camp.

Guide and water include the Jeep Tour.

wadi rum Hot Air Balloon

a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience at sunrise, the most spectacular, mind-blowing and magical experience in Wadi Rum.

The tour starts in the early hours of the morning, just before sunrise.

The take Guests in jeeps to a site (which site depends on the direction of the wind) where the balloon location.

Balloon flights typically take place during the early morning hours and last for around one hour, but guests should allow 2 to 3 hours for the whole experience.

Balloon capacity: 16 passengers.

Guide and Water Included.